Welcome to Granit Technologies SA (Switzerland): engineering and contractor. 
Making use of proprietary "state of the art" technologies, we help our customers to process liquid and solid wastes, while preserving the environment and the health.

Granit Technologies SA
Les Ducats 40a, 1350 Orbe
Phone +41 21 318 75 10
Fax +41 21 318 75 11

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Granit Technologies SA, directly or in collaboration with highly qualified partners, develops designs and implements original technological solutions for the treatment and the valorization of various types of solid or liquid wastes.

(1)  Treatment of liquid organic waste with proprietary Wet Oxidation Process

(2)   Processing of solid organic waste with proprietary Wet Oxidation Process

(3)  Valorisation of waste plastic in diesel fuel 

Within the above domains, Granit Technologies performs R&D activities, offers its technologies under license arrangements and grants added value services which may include:

(4)  Services

  • a. Performing laboratory tests for the full characterization of processes
  • b. Setting up market appraisal, feasibility studies and, based on special simulation models, financial and economic evaluations
  • c. Elaborating basic engineering, interconnection engineering and, in some framework, detailed engineering
  • d. Carrying on risk analyses
  • e. Granting technical assistance during erection, commissioning, start-up and maintenance of industrial units
  • f. Training of operators and technicians
  • g. Setting up of specifically conceived automation programs
  • h. Selecting/qualifying equipment suppliers and contractors
  • i. Supporting project sponsors for the proper tuning of partnership arrangements